Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 2015, 12 on 12

A Different Twist This Month,  One image from each month for the past year

May 2014
Made famous by the opening scene of Married with Children, the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago. 

June 2014
National Harbor, Maryland
Hey, why not  

July 2014, A wild turkey on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

August 2014, street musicians Alexandria, VA  

September 2014
Hilary - will she be? 

October 2014
Main Reading Room, Library of Congress
Washington, DC

November 2014
Keenland Racecourse
Lexington, Kentucky

December 2014
Santa Sheep and Santa Penguin 

January 2015
Huntington Beach, California the view from my hotel room 

February 2015
North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii 
Wonderful surf - a great day out with a convertible 

March 2015
National Cathedral
Washington DC 

April 2015
Jones Point Light House
Alexandria, Virginia 
May 12, 2015
Onward with the Medical Journey.
If all goes as planned the vascular mapping is scheduled for the afternoon of the 12th, and the tumor removal (reduction) and rebuilding the bone on Wednesday.  I will likely be off line for a few days.  The Blog is scheduled through June 6th.  I will supplement as I have a chance, 


  1. We are all here in the wings
    Waiting and sending best wishes

  2. good luck today and tomorrow, honey! (shakes her pom poms)

    we will wait, but it won't be easy! (taps foot)

    1. Thanks, I look forward to shaking vigorously

  3. David,
    Good luck with your procedure!

    1. Thanks, we will tour DC one day

  4. We will be eagerly awaiting your updates and future posts. My thoughts and best wishes are with you.

  5. Best wishes for a successful surgery and quick recovery!

  6. David,
    Given the state of today's medical industry, I am sure things will go well. Just to be sure, I'm sending plenty of positive energy your way! Good luck, too!

    I liked the post today!

    Peace <3

  7. Thinking of you on your surgery day.