Thursday, May 21, 2015

TBT - Timing

Musée d'Orsay, Paris France

The Orsay was built as a train station - there is  wonderful historic photo of a train that had brake trouble hanging out the end of the building.  It was closed as a train station, sat empty for years and was slated to be torn down.  Fortunately good sense prevailed and it was remodeled and opened as a museum.  The interior is grand.  This clock is on the end on an upper level and is original to the building.  The upper floor contains a billion dollar collection of impressionist art.  Truly and unbelievable collection.  We had a spectacular lunch in a dinning room in what had originally been the first class waiting room, champagne, duck confeit.

Timing is important, the station was built in the golden age of rail travel as an elegant temple of transportation, it was closed when money was tight, or it likely would have been demolished before it could be recognized as worth saving, and saved at a time when the commitment to art collections was sufficient to cover the cost.

Timing plays a big role in blogging also, I write ahead, generally in batches, and schedule posting for days or weeks ahead.  I try to review and edit the day before, but if I miss that I know something will post at 6:00 AM eastern time.  If something comes up that I want to talk about tomorrow, I simply reschedule what was scheduled for tomorrow and post away.  I was recently on the road for 10 days, my daily posting didn't reflect that I was traveling.  Posting online that you are away from home for two weeks, is not the best for security.  I will post about Texas and Florida over the coming weeks.  One nice thing about writing on travel, I don't have to post today, what I did today.  I have a couple of decades of travel experience that I draw on for my daily posts. 

Post script interesting edit.  I  didn't go out of town.  I have spent most of May in the hospital.  But the daily posts went on. Hopefully I am home before the backlog of drafts and uploaded  photos starts to run down.  Otherwise the view will start to change. 


  1. I have scheduled things before, I get that. I definitely prefer a new post, though. I am thinking of resurrecting some of the old stories from my younger days that got nuked on my original blog.

    I enjoy these travel posts very much. It's cool to see where you've been, and what made an impression on you there!

    Peace <3

  2. Most of May in hospital - what a drag. I hope it is soon over.

  3. The d'Orsay is one of my favorite museums. It just stunning.