Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Health Update

I am making progress.  A little bit each day. I walked more on Monday than I had all week.  Pain management is okay.  I have to watch my stress level.  I am learning the joys of idleness. 

Trying to arrange an active inpatient physical therapy stay. I guess I finally get to go to boot camp.  That will start sometime this week.  Could be hours. Could be days. Medical time. 

The tumor guy said he would have me riding a bike in 60 days.  Then stopped and asked if I could ride before.  You may never forget.  But learning without knowing would be journal time.


  1. riding a bike in 60 days?!? inconceivable! (said in a "princess bride" voice)

  2. Glad to hear about the good progress.
    Maybe the 60 days was just the consultant's way of cheering you up, rather than a real expectation. But with modern medicine I'm always amazed how quickly people get moving again.

    1. Thanks. My legs are weak. But we're always the easiest body part for me to strengthen.

  3. Great! I know the idleness is killing you. Have your SO hire in some dancing boys or something to spice things up!

    Peace <3

  4. It's not idle time - - it's rejuvenation! Hang in there....and hang onto those positive thoughts.
    (I'll bet they couldn't get me to ride a bike in 60 days.......)

  5. The look on your face is an interesting combination of cute and grumpy. :)

  6. David,
    One of the hardest things I found about recovery was the forced idleness. This is especially hard on people like us who are so active. But of course you know that you can't rush things. I remember vividly what my home health care worker told me MONTHS ago, "Ron, I know you're an active person but just be patient." Good advice David, enjoy your idleness and I hope your recover is swift.

  7. are you reading any good books? I can send you the Scientific statement of being