Saturday, May 16, 2015

Produce Boat - Aegina Greece

A couple of weeks ago I shared a posting from a Greek Tourist promotion site featuring the produce boats that visit the islands of Greece.  When we were in Greece we did a day trip to the Island of Aegina. Aegina is an easy ferry ride from the port nearest to Athens, we took the high speed hydrofoil out an back.  I will post about that one day.  The harbor is a center of activity, for locals and tourists, with nearly everything that is imported and exported to and from the island coming in through that harbor (there is a second small harbor  on the other side of the island, but most of the commercial traffic comes in through the main harbor.)

Included in this is the produce boats, there were several of them tied to the wharf with magnificent displays spilling out onto the sidewalk. Greece is a mild, almost semi-tropical climate and very close to the warm climates of the middle east and north Africa.  The variety and quality were amazing.  The boats move from Island to Island, picking up fresh produce and selling it along the way - as they have for centuries in the eastern Mediterranean.  

More about the Island and the Temple sometime soon.


  1. "Hey Mr. Tally man, tally me bananas........"

  2. Really neat warf. I had grilled octopus for lunch that day

  3. Really neat warf. I had grilled octopus for lunch that day

  4. Very beautiful! It's easy to see why they eat healthily over there with spreads like that!

    Peace <3

  5. That was such a great trip!

  6. I wish I was near a place like this; I would eat so much better.