Sunday, May 17, 2015

Denver Museum of Contemporary Art

Love them or hate them, it is hard to miss a Frank Gehry designed building.  Bold geometric shapes, angular, clad in shiny surfaces, they stand out from other buildings while being designed to reflect the landscape.  The shapes appear to defy gravity, I sometimes wonder how they stand up.  They are wonders of engineering, and construction.  To work well the interiors need to fit the shape of the building and defy the traditional boxes of post and beam construction.  Light, heat and air-conditioning need to be designed, installed and maintained to exacting standards for the space to work.

Frank Gehry designed the new Facebook campus.  The design is described as open and industrial, almost unfinished in appearance.  The unfinished appearance was intentional, making the space appear as a work in progress, to remind that the staff that their product needs to be considered a work in progress.  It also has a huge green roof garden.  A great building.

Not everyone likes Gehry's designs, they defy tradition, use non-traditional materials and appear different.  I like them, but then I am a little different.


  1. that pix is FABU! just look at you standing there!

  2. I've always liked Gehry's work. But then, I am unfinished, and garish, and certainly non-traditional!

    Nice post!

    Peace <3