Sunday, May 24, 2015

Health Update

I should have gotten a sponsor,  this health update brought to you by------.

The picture shows the metal work supporting my spine in the middle.  It is held in by screws from the back.  A quick x-ray and we can now check to see if I have a screw lose.

Physical and occupational therapy are progressing well.  I suspected they are going to kick me out in a  few days.  I still lack strength and flexibly in my knees. And I fatigue easily.  I haven't worked so hard and sweated so much in years.  I am now 23.5 hours without a pain pill. As long as I keep my back straight and don't overdo movement I am comfortable.  My focus is much better without the drugs. I really don't get why people want to live life in the fog of percocet, but then I don't live in their mind and body. Being this close to the edge of my physical and mental limits, I am learning so much about myself. 

On Friday they moved me to a private room in what J described as the good insurance wing. The room is nice, what a hospital room would  look like when Hilon got done. They are attentive.  Room service.  The service is good. The food is boring.  The microwave is across the hall from my room and if I ask they will warm things up.


  1. "this health update brought to you by" - carter's little liver pills? geritol?

    "we can now check to see if I have a screw loose" - don't need x-rays to check for THAT, honey! :)

    happy to see a sense of humor there. and (shakes pom poms) good news on the progression front!

    1. Thanks sweetie. I'm making progress and have lots of motivation. I may be able to get back to reading blogs later today.

  2. Good grief!
    It should make a trip through airport security interesting!
    Glad the progress is good, you sound very positive too.

    1. Thanks, I am just glad I will be able to walk through security in a few weeks, I almost out off asking for help too long.

  3. You'll get thru security with no trouble. Should be titanium, which the magnetic scanners don't pick up. In any case, it's pretty clear it's not a bomb!

    Glad to hear conditions are getting better. I would be hard pressed to share a room for 2 weeks with a stranger.

    Peace <3