Sunday, May 31, 2015

Reindeer Sausages

Anchorage Alaska

When I was doing background research for the first trip to Alaska,  I read about vendors selling reindeer sausages in Anchorage.  I had a few free hours in Anchorage and thought, what the heck, how many times in my life will that option be available.  The  vendor was wearing this shirt, she should have been selling the shirts as an add on to the hot-dog.  I couldn't find one for sale anyplace nearby.  

So how was it, think sweet and slightly spicy bratwurst. In other words actually quite good,  it was grilled and served with grilled onions and a squirt of mustard in a hot dog bun.  No word on the fate of Rudolph.    


  1. I think reindeer sausage would be good. But what makes sausage is the spices, etc., not the meat itself. I do like the shirt!

    Peace <3

  2. I had reindeer sausage when I lived in the Missouri Ozarks. They were actually quite good.
    My lover (at the time) was a hunter - - but I drew the line at tasting squirrel stew.

    Despite the sausage (no pun intended) our romance didn't last. In the end, we nearly killed each other.......but that's another story for another time......