Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Health Update

Slept well.  I am feeling stronger each day.  The muscles in my legs are lose and floppy.  I have very little stamina on my feet. A couple of days I was starting to break the rules and push the limits. A couple of good conversations about the disaster that exceeding capacity and injury could lead to is enough to rein me in. Pain continues to be well managed. I am going beyond the re-done time frames pretty regularly.  The brace puts on a lot of pressure  but is needed to allow titanium bone and muscle to develop lifelong relationships. 

Waiting for insurance pre- authorization to move forward.  A new concept in time, medical time. My overall conception of time is changing.  So much to learn about myself. 


  1. nasty bruise there; has someone been abusing you?

  2. David,
    Don't "push the limits." That sounds like me, I want to rush things along so I can get back to normal. But I have learned that recovery takes time. It will come, just go with the flow (sorry for the cliche).

  3. I did get approval for the best supervised impatient physical therapy. Should move soon. I have been urged to follow rather than push. A bad fall at this stage could have devastating and irreparable consequences

  4. Better safe than sorry.

  5. I have been moved. Time for the next phase

  6. Glad it is going well, and YOU ARE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS! That is important. I will admit to being kicked out of physical therapy early with my wrist. But that wasn't NEAR as serious as your situation! Play nice, David!

    Peace <3

  7. Good luck in your new phase of recovery. Fortitude and perseverance are qualities you can bring to bear but need to follow lead of therapists. Hope you can get a breath of fresh air if facility has open windows or when you're mobile enough to be brought outside. A bit of sun and fresh air are good all around. Be well.