Monday, May 18, 2015

Spotting the Tourists in the Crowd

Can you tell the locals from the tourists in this image? Before Blogger and Facebook, I was active on Virtual Tourist,  they have a very active online forum where people can post questions about travel and get advice from other forum members.  Every week someone would post about planning a trip to a foreign land and wanting to dress like a local so they would not stand out from the crowd as a tourist.  I frequently responded, dress comfortably, and modestly and don't try to look like a local.  The locals can pick out the tourists.  We look different, we dress differently in subtle and sometimes not quite so subtle ways. We talk differently, we carry ourselves differently.   I notice differences in foot wear and socks as I travel.  In Europe, printed T-shirt in English featuring "American" themes, frequently are fictional to avoid paying licensing fees to US universities and athletic teams.

The picture above was taken at the bus stop at the Temple of Aegina on the Island of Aegina in Greece.


  1. I was about to say italy based on the grandmothers in black.

  2. It was such a fun trip. So many places left to see.

  3. Good advice, I try to follow it!

    Peace <3