Thursday, May 07, 2015

TBT - Up-up and Away

Bath, England

Fifteen years ago, we spent a couple of nights in Bath.  Bath is named for the Roman baths, that are still there,  The baths were built on a natural mineral spring.  The Roman ruins are next to the Cathedral. We sampled the waters, I don't know that the waters cure, but I am still alive. Most of the city is Georgian. The Royal Crescent  is worth the stroll.  We came in by train, the visitors information center made a reservation for us at a Bed and Breakfast run by a delightful couple who had retired there from a life following oil exploration around the world.  We took a long walk around the city, following a barge canal for a mile or two.  

Despite the bad reputation from the post war world, English restaurant food is really quite good.  We found a neat little modern restaurant in a pedestrian street.  We were sitting there and we could hear WOSHHH!, WOSHHH!.  I looked up and there was a hot air balloon low in the sky.  How fun! It was a great visit in a through back city   

I have flown in about everything that flies, but I have not floated in a balloon, yet.  Plans are underway for a dirigible ride this summer,  

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