Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Nice view last night.  When we came out from dinner last night I saw stars in the sky for the first time in years.  Kauai does have issues.  Rouge chickens outnumber the people about 250,000 to 1 - that may be a slight exaggeration, but only slight.  And they crow at anything and everything. Some one needs to start Hawaiian Fried Chicken - with free range birds direct from the islands.  The local power company has not figured out solar, or wind, or Geo-thermal, and relies on diesel generators,  so the power was off on parts of the island last night, including our hotel, as apparently happens anytime said generators burp.  But it is another morning in paradise.  We are on a sparsely populated island today, we are expecting fewer then 20 people in audience, a bit of a change from yesterday' s 240.   

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  1. Hard to believe that in America, the power goes out periodically because of generator failure. I guess I am a spoiled mainlander who relies on a grid that supplies power through almost anything.