Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day!

Part of my growing up I lived in Michigan, snow days were days, or sometimes weeks when the schools were closed. In the 8th grade, we started spending winters in Florida, I moved there after high school. and I didn't experience a snow day for 20 years. I only had 2-3 hurricane days in my years there, and there is a difference between wondering if the roof will stay on and the supply of scotch will hold out and wondering how deep the snow will get. My first hurricane I ran out of scotch before I ran out of hurricane.  

Then in mid-life I moved back north.  Every January and February I question the sanity of that move, but love and money are strong motivators.  So I learned as an adult to experience the occasional snow day - an unexpected and generally unplanned day at home.  Now I am surprised by this one, they usually happen when I am Florida or away from the office working.  I was on the road for 12 days in late January early February and the office remained open.  But here I am a week or so after my return with fresh snow - enough of it to make getting out and about difficult - so the office closed and I get an extra free day. 

When a snow day is announced the first thing I do is panic and check the office calendar to see what I had scheduled.  Today I had a staff meeting and some writing that can be delayed to do.  So I can relax and take the day off.  I stayed up a couple of hours later then usual - discovering that I don't like the new "Tonight Show."  I don't think I have seen it since Leno was forced into his second retirement.  I somewhat understand the reason for the change, but it leaves those of who grew up with Johnny Carson's sense of humor, wondering how the world has changed.  I slept late this morning.  I have checked the blogs, played comment tag on Facebook, and fiddled with a couple of old watches I am trying to get working again.  After lunch I will work on a painting, listen to some music and maybe take a nap.  

The snow fall was less than expected.  If I really needed to be in the office, I likely could have made it.  I expect we will be back to work tomorrow.  Convenient this snow day, turning the three day President's day weekend into a four day weekend.  


  1. David,
    We got our first snow cover here too in Sussex County. Pretty but it should be mostly gone by tomorrow. Like you every year I think of January and February and how I would like to be in another part of the country. Just saw a movie last night, "The Perfect Getaway", that was filmed on location in Hawaii. My gosh, what beautiful locations! Now I want to go to Hawaii more than ever. Enjoy your day off.

  2. LUCKY! (said in a napoleon dynamite voice)

    I had to go into work. :(

  3. WE had to work Monday (but the kids were out), then got today off, and tomorrow is a 2-hour delay. I can cope.

    Peace <3

  4. I like that comment
    I ran out of whiskey before I ran out of hurricane