Sunday, February 01, 2015

Getting to Paradise

Several people have offered to assist me, carry my bags and such on this chunk of work.  Actually I needed a collaborator,  with expertise on brain aging and dementia.  Two of my co-workers turned me down,  Hawaii was to far and five days of training was too much.  I was able to get a med school professor to volunteer.  He is flying out from the mid south. His airline rescheduled him to change planes in Houston instead of Chicago because of weather concerns,  and then the plane broke in Houston.  The first message was he wouldn't get here until Tuesday.  The second message was he would get in at 6:30 am on Monday (we start at 9.) Now he is getting in Sunday evening, but his luggage won't get here until Monday evening.  I'm glad I added the extra days to the beginning instead of the end. Dan's wife is meeting him in Maui Friday evening for a few days. 


  1. I'm demented! And my brain has a lot of aged bourbon in it! Will I do?

    Peace <3