Saturday, February 28, 2015

Looking for Inspiration

What flips your switch, lights your fire, brings you to life?

When I moved into my office, I remarked to director that I would bring in the diplomas and licenses and put up the "credibility" wall - he said, "put up what makes you happy to be here."  It was nice to fill the office with things that I enjoy being around, at times it is travel pictures, at the moment bright colorful paintings.  

What I read can inspire me. Some of my professional reading includes reading about dementia, dying and death - not exactly cheerful stuff.  It can inspire me to do good work to improve the quality of life at the end of life. But to maintain my emotional balance, I have to intersperse this reading with things reading that is fun, some humor, a lot of travel narrative, some business and communications. I can and need to control the balance of what comes into my mind.

I can be inspired by things that make me happy, comfortable and good, and also by things that make me uncomfortable or angry. I prefer the good, but I need the bad, I try to balance the two.

The more I understand about what inspires me, the more I can introduce these elements into my life and try to keep the lights on.


  1. I like this. Very thoughtful.

  2. Most sensible of you to do so.
    I am constantly sniffing around for something that inspires and transforms me.