Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thinking Time

Where can I get time to think?  Long airlines flights sometimes work, the trip home works better then the trip out.  On the way out I tend to think about what I am headed out to do.  I had a three day weekend, followed by s snow day, by Tuesday I was finding time and space to think. I had a nice relaxing afternoon, my mind had time to wander.  I sometimes find time to think on the metro train riding to and from work.  Those are short times, 25 minutes here and there.  In the office I am usually too busy to think, there are too many projects demanding my attention for any of them to truly get my attention.  At home I need to turn off the TV.  Easy for me to do during the rare weekday that I am home, there is nothing on during the day that is worth the noise.


  1. I think this is a major 'perk' for me for airplane travel; having time to think and go into a dwam.


    that is what my brain is usually like.

    I love these days off and late openings, etc. Time to SORT IT ALL OUT!

    Peace <3