Friday, February 06, 2015

Lobby View

I knew I was crazy when I committed to five workshops in five days in four different locations.  We have had a couple of long days and one left to do. Then a 5000 mile trip home.  It has been a good program.  I am not sure I would commit to this aggressive of agenda again.  But it has been a week in paradise.  Is it paradise if you only see it in passing,  kind of like postcards?  I was warned about the cold weather on the big Island.  It is only 66 this morning. 


  1. Ah, poor baby penguin!
    I'll trade my 6 degrees for your freezing 66 degrees....lolz

  2. Sorry, I am headed home tomorrow

  3. 66 - I would cut a bitch for 66 right now!

    currently 30F here.

    have a safe flight home!

  4. The white canopies is a restaurant, I think that is were I lost my American Express card. I called. It had not been used. Cancelled the card. A new card will arrive shortly after I get home.

  5. Yikes! I just realized this is where I stayed for a medical conference.

  6. NICE! Man, I knew I shoulda stowed away with you!

    Peace <3