Thursday, February 19, 2015

What Was I Thinking?

I am tired of complaining about the cold, it is not like complaining changes anything,  I drove to the office today, it takes a little longer then the subway and is a little more frustrating, but I was thinking, less time out in the cold, an opportunity to park the car in the garage and get the snow and ice melted off.  

I am working on travel plans - what else would travel penguin do?  I have a conference in Austin, Texas in early May.  It is a conference I have been to year after year, and it is being held in my least favorite city in Texas.  I felt obligated to submit a proposal to speak, so I did two, but not very well.  I was thinking, I will do my part and hope that the proposals get turned down and I can skip the conference this year.  No such luck, both made the agenda.  I need to find a way to enjoy Austin. Maybe some good bbq, and a little rest. I will go on from there to Florida where I have a conference the following week. What was I thinking, two conferences back to back, being gone from the office for 12 days, I will be buried in work when I get back. I really should have said no thank you to Austin this year.

I have been working on comments to a government agency.  I should have said, no thank you, when I was asked to work on them, but I was thinking "why not." I have sorted my way through a long a complex policy process.  I actually wrote in an email that "if I appear to have bruises on my forehead, it was from all of the brick walls I ran into on this project."  Word this afternoon that we have found a way to make it happen, well hopefully, there is a plan B if I run into another brick wall.  I know our policy making process is complex, many- many lawyers trying to be careful not to piss to many people off.  What was I really thinking, our assistant director wants to cut back on hours and surrender the management title, I'd like it and the raise that goes with it.

I keep trying to come up with something funny or inspiring.  The muses are either frozen, or on vacation in the tropics.  I keep thinking they will return, and they will, some sunny warm day.


  1. austin also has great music venues.

    (says the person who has never been to TX)

  2. Boy, it sounds like we are in the same boat, work-wise. Mine is so busy it's ridiculous.

    I will say otherwise, life is grand, despite the snow and cancellation of LGBTQ youth group stuff. The boy is making it up.

    Funny? Inspiring? If I am ever either, please smack me! I'll need the reboot.

    Austin: AUSTIN CITY LIMITS! See if they are shooting! Go to it! Great music!

    Peace <3

  3. They are in PV with The Fates.