Monday, February 09, 2015

Back to Reality

To make the IT security people happy, my cell phone only keeps a week's worth of email on it.  Anything older then one week drops off the phone.  This is usually not an issue when I travel.  I can tell how many messages I have marked as needing immediate attention when I get home.  Then along comes a 12 day business trip, what I thought was 40 or so messages needing my attention today, was about 65 of them,  Some coming up on two weeks old.  It took most of the day to sort through.  Then I worked on the travel expense reports, I have those almost ready to go.  I can't file one of them because expenses have not posted to the office credit card yet.  My replacement American Express card arrived today.  I called the hotel that I suspected I had left it at, and they had the card, I asked them to shred it.


  1. David,
    Nothing quite equals the shock of getting back to reality does it? Welcome back!

  2. Welcome back to the real world! (I think I would have asked them to mail it so I could shred it!)

    Peace <3