Saturday, February 07, 2015


Over the decades I have spoken in some amazing venues.  Now most of the venues are pretty boring, if you have seen one hotel conference room, you have pretty much seen them all and most are either cramped, or too large. Once in a while the space is a stand out.  The venue on Kona was a community center, island architecture with soaring beam ceiling and windows and doors on three sides.  The windows were louvered, so they could be opened and closed to let in the breeze, no heat or air conditioning needed.  It is a community space, used for a wide variety of purposes, sometimes a church, sometimes a theater, sometimes a gathering place for social functions (it had a small commercial kitchen in the back by the stage.) When you looked outside, on on one side was a local farmers market, on another the community school, a cattle barn and in the distance a 12,000 foot volcano with snow on the top.  I'd have to place this in the top 10 amazing places I have been privileged to work for a day.  Having a little fun along the way.