Sunday, February 08, 2015

I'm Home

Fifteen hours of traveling through five time zones, changing planes in the middle of the night, in a strange airport, an hour mechanical delay on the last of 11 flights in 12 days (the first delay) and I am home.  I was nodding off web-surfing this afternoon, I took a long nap and will go to sleep early.  They say it takes one day to adjust for every hour change in time zones, so I won't expect to be back to "normal" by next weekend.  I love traveling, I love the adventures, It does take a little while to get back on balance when I return home.


  1. after all there is no place like it.

  2. God,doesn't that look beautiful? Glad you enjoyed your trip David.


  3. Awesome trip! I've enjoyed every post! Now I want to go to Hawaii!

    Glad you're back in one piece, happy to be in your own bed, I suspect.

    Peace <3