Sunday, February 22, 2015

McKenna Single Barrel Bourbon

Henry McKenna single barrel, ten year old, bottled in bond, made by Heaven Hill in Bardstown, Kentucky.  This is a well priced, well selected single barrel bourbon.  It is sweet and spicy, mildly woody, and nicely smooth. The nose is vanilla, cherry and spice. It is nicely mature, as would be expected after 10 years in oak.  It is drinkable and relatively affordable at $30 to $35 per bottle (in it's home state.)  

Bottled in bond means that it is the product of a single distiller, made in a single season, aged at least 4 years in government supervised warehouses (the last I knew the revenue agents held the keys to the bonded warehouses)  and bottled at 100-proof. Bottled in bond,   is a left over from prohibition, when this was the process for legal distillation.  

This may be the best product of Heaven Hill.  HH is on the list for a tour the next time I am in Kentucky (likely a year from now.)  


  1. Been there, had that! PLEASE take me with you when you go back!!!!

    Peace <3

  2. I swear you are becoming just as good as Ralfy!