Monday, February 23, 2015

Thinking Warm Thoughts of Travel

Only a few more weeks and spring has to be here, this cold silliness can't go on forever, it is not like we are in the Antarctic or something.  Actually it might be nicer there then it is here in DC, it was warmer in Alaska the other day then it was here.  The last time I was in Alaska I got to talking to guy running a tourist trap, he said he moved to Ketchican from Chicago, because the winters were milder in Ketchican then Chicago.  Entirely possible, there is a coastal current that moderates weather right along the coast.

A high school class mate on Facebook commented this morning that Bald Eagles have returned to the thumb area of of Michigan. One less morning dove on his bird feeder, one well fed bird of prey for the day.  Some days that is how it is, eat or be eaten.  Aren't you glad the dinosaur birds don't swoop down out of the trees and grab lunch of the sidewalk?  Well it would thin the slow one's out of the flock.  

I had a momentary pause this afternoon and my mind started to wander, in a flash I was driving around the north shore of Oahu with the top down on the convertible.  Then I was back in the my office trying to write an article explaining social media to people who are still using a Rolodex.   It is nice to let the mind travel, as long as it keeps coming back home.


  1. yo yo yo, nothing wrong with a rolodex. I have a small one on my office desk with important phone numbers. I can access that quicker.

  2. I've always been an armchair traveler. Mind travel is the best (and cheapest) way to go.
    By the way, I've always liked penguins.

  3. It is getting better here. Slowly.

    I wish I still saw the owls hunting in my yard.

    My mind flash had to do with unobtainable boys, not climate subjects. Siiiigh...

    Peace <3