Monday, June 05, 2017

Is it too big?

They say it was designed to fit in, the various set backs, and sub towers were planned to not over power the surrounding buildings.  I have to admit it is a striking building, but there is something that is really too big about it.  That sign, that stupid ugly sign is what is too big.  Maybe after the impeachment the building will be sold to pay his legal bills, and a new owner can trash the sign.  

Am I being too harsh? 


  1. Too harsh?!? You're very kind.

  2. it's an ugly piece of shit from an even more ugly asswipe. TEAR IT DOWN!

  3. No you aren't being too harsh.
    Yes it is too big.

  4. The building is bad enough, but as you say, it's the sign that is the crowning ugliness of it. *shudder*