Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Glass Houses and Apple Stores

This amazing glass staircase is in the Apple store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago.  All I could say was wow!  I am not a Mac baby, but I have to admire Apple's sense of style and design.  The first time someone handed me an I-phone I was impressed with the feel of the thing, I don't understand why people lock them away in plastic cases - the are a thing of joy to hold in your hand. All Apple stores have style, the flagship stores in major cities are major works of architecture. 

Apple is building a new store in Chicago, it will overlook the Chicago River, at Michigan Avenue next to the Tribune Tower.  The building will stand a story or so above the plaza level, and a story or two below the sidewalk level, going down the bank to about river level.  It will tie the river walk to the surface streets, with a wall of glass overlooking the river.  It has promise as a striking work of modern architecture - I think it will be well worth going back to Chicago to see - even if you look up and see Trump Tower. 

That is you favorite new building?


  1. I don't know I have a favorite new building, but it sure isn't one of Trumps. While sleek, his don't really feel marvel to me. But in Dubai, wow, some of what they have done is just art defying, and very creative.

  2. I agree with Mistress Maddie. Although I'm no fan of the leaders of Dubai, the architecture is exceptional.

  3. new stuff sucks; give me an older building, like 30th street station or wanamakers. hell, independence hall even!

  4. The Shard. It looks amazing.

  5. I simply adore Apple stores and yes I'm an Apple baby. MacBook Pro, iPad, iPad Pro and iPhone 7 with an Apple Watch on the horizon. All my blogging comes out of one of the iPads or my iPhone. Favorite building? To this day, even with all the new stuff out there, my fav is still The Chrysler Building by far.

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