Sunday, May 24, 2015

What Have I Learned

It has been a complicated month.  I have had more medical care in three weeks then I have had in a lifetime put together.  What have I learned?

  • I am a tough old bird. 
  • I am strong in ways I never new I could be
  • My emotional breaking point is not as deep as I thought it was
  • I can be fearsome and vulnerable
  • The show went on without me (I cancelled back to back conferences when the doctors urged me to find the nearest emergency room) 
  • I can delegate
  • I need to develop trust by those I have delegated to
  • Privacy is overrated, want to see my behind,  I don't care, help me get well
  • If your health has you crossing things off the list as things you will never do, go get help.  I am adding things back on the list
  • Money can't fix everything, but good insurance gets you a private room and the best experts.
  • Life is to short to not have fun, be kind, and do good each day.
  • It is okay to ask for help, I can't to somethings today for the first time in 55 years. 
  • It is one thing to recognize stress, another to relax. I could write a book on this.
  • Cherish everyone, when the chips are down you will be amazed at who is there for you
  • Being zen is very important
  • Anything said or done when one is on pain medication should be weighed carefully. Percocet is not my friend. 


  1. I'd LOVE to see your penguin butt! :)

    you forgot one point - laugh, dance, smile, sing every day. even if you suck at all 4 of them. your spirits will feel the difference.

    and having been thru all this, you now realize what is important and what is not, who your supporters are and are not. now go kick some ass today (shakes pom poms for emphasis)!

    (seriously, I learned all these points 26 years ago; I nodded in agreement on every one)

  2. these are very good and powerful lessons indeed.