Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Soldier Field

There are many architectural wonders in Chicago.  Chicago is known as the second city, because much of what you see was built after the great fire, it is literally the second city on that location.  It was built during a great renascence of architecture. If you like great buildings, it is a great city to spend some time in.

Soldier Field is home the the Bears.  The original stadium was built in Greek Revival style.  A few years ago they did a major remodel, building a new stadium inside of the classical colonnades, and refreshing the colonnades. The last time I was in Chicago I bought a day pass in their bike sharing system.  I started near the Chicago River and Michigan Avenue and worked my way south.  Through the park, down to the museum campus.  Soldier Field is across the street from Field Museum, there was a bike share station on that side.  I looked over and the sidewalks into the stadium were open.  I rode up and around the stadium on the mezzanine level.  The space is spectacular. The view from the lake side is spectacular.

An update.  There is a mass on my spine in the middle of my back.  Still unclear what it is and what the treatment options are. But we are making progress.  I am feeling better. But still looking for that next curve in the journey.  


  1. wonder what's around the next bend in that road?

    have you ever taken the chicago "architecture tour by boat"? wonderful way to spend 2 hours viewing the city of big shoulders!

    1. Great boat tour. Yes . Unless this is a terminal cancer (waiting for a CT scan) I am looking at an unpleasant surgery. Dr Spo assured me the description is worse than the reality. The alternative is stop doing everything below the waste.

  2. I've visited Chicago twice. Both visits would require LONG blog posts (and alas, no pictures). I enjoyed both.

    Good to hear there is a preliminary diagnosis. I hope the prognosis is good.

    Peace <3