Monday, May 11, 2015

Relax and Enjoy Yourself

So many of us, spend so much of our lives trying to live up to the standards of others and focusing on what we think other see as our weaknesses.  Occasionally when we are traveling, far away from home, we will let down our guard and think, these people don't matter to me, I will never see them again and be ourselves.

We should live our lives like that everyday.

Those that will judge, will judge, and I will never live up to their standards.  Those who truly love me will accept me as I am and not focus on my flaws or weaknesses.  And yet, I judge myself.  While this couple was relaxing and enjoying their time at the beach, I was judging myself as unattractive, to chubby to take my shirt off in public. Relax, even with clothes on people know I am chubby, what am I trying to cover up?

The recent hospital stay was a unique event for me.  Grin and bare it time, I joked to a couple of nurses and radiology technicians, I am sure you have seen worse today.   The next round will be even more "revealing."  What can I say, they see it all everyday, nothing but an extra 75 pounds to see here.


  1. "Grin and bare it time" - I LOVE IT! :)

    1. Oh, if they went a couple of miles further up this beach, they could really "bare it" - been a couple of decades since I have been up beyond the end of the road (and 70 pounds.)

  2. I'll reluctantly admit that I spent most of my life trying to please other people. The saddest part is that the time I wasted can never be returned.

  3. Me thinks you are just getting everything into perspective old chum

  4. David,
    I echo Jon's comment that I have spent too much of my life trying to please others. And as Jon said that is time that was wasted and can never be returned. One of the many revelations of being older is that it really doesn't matter as much as what you look like (a few extra pounds or even a lot of extra pounds) but what your character is. During my lifetime I have known some "perfect physical specimens" who were terrible human beings. To me just be yourself. Those people who don't like you will not like you no matter what you do to try to please them. Your ultimate responsibility is to yourself. Most of my life I was trim and fit, with a respectable "six pack". That "six pack" is long gone, never to return, replaced with flab which has seen plenty of exposure these past few years during my many hospital and doctors' visits. I can't say that I am treated any differently than I was before. I'm just thankful to be alive and in relatively good health.