Thursday, May 28, 2015

Go and Do When you Can

Near Vravrona, Greece 
I have done some silly trips over the years, cross country to San Francisco for 36 hours on the ground, Amsterdam and Paris in 6 nights from Florida. I like to travel and seize nearly any opportunity to do so (I did pass on Iowa one March.)  About 20 year's ago I was working for a builder in Florida, Scott was the construction manager on the project.  He was young, bright, well educated, attractive and married. This was during the Yuppie craze and they were poster children for Young Upwardly Mobile Professionals.  Scott and I were talking one day and I mentioned that the winter before I had gone to Amsterdam for two nights and Paris for four nights.  He was fascinated by traveling, but kept saying, we are going to wait until we can do it right, you know go for three or four weeks and really see Europe - he had visions of the grand tour.  I stuck with my guns and said, when you get a chance to go, go, even if it is only for a long weekend (at that time there were some great deals on round trip air and three nights in Amsterdam.)

A couple of weeks later, Scott was playing softball on the company team and he collapsed in the outfield.  He was dead before the paramedics could arrive from a burst aneurysm. He never made it to Europe, he waited too long.  When you get a chance, go and do. We regret most what we did not do.


  1. yep, we never know how much time we are allowed here on earth.