Friday, November 13, 2020

Remember to Live

 Remember to live, 

To enjoy each day,

To be kind, 

To love, 

To find a moment to laugh, 

To find a moment to take in the world around you, 

To savor all that life has to offer, 

To be at peace with yourself,

To be comfortable in your own skin. 

Death reminds us, that life is temporary, this is not a rehearsal,  don't wait for it to be perfect or better later, this is it, enjoy it.  In the end we are dust in the wind.  In a cemetery we see the year a person was born, a "-", and the year the person died.  Make the most of that "-".  We have no say on the first date, or last date, only control over the "dash" in between.  Make the most if it. 



  1. awwww, poor birdie. in your list above, you forgot KICK SOME MAJOR ASS TODAY. that's always on MY list!

    1. Be comfortable in your own skin - that is your style

  2. Auntie Mame approves