Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Who are we protecting from what?

It happens in life, locked for your protection, no you can't do that, it might be dangerous.  Take time and think about who we are protecting from what?  Often the person saying "NO, you can't do that," is trying to protect themself from inconvenience, embarrassment, or the slight risk that they might have to rescue our silly behinds.  

The adventure of life requires a few risks, take them and enjoy the ride. 


  1. And the banks now immediately freeze our cards to protect us... although we never had to pay for fraudulent use. Protect themselves, they mean. But... oh I'm off the point. Yes, take risks, be embarrassed, make mistakes. "The choice may have been mistaken, but choosing was not."

  2. "sanitized for your protection" - remember those paper banners on toilets in motels in the 60s?