Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Athens, London and Nashville

Athens, London and Nashville, three cities with the temple of Athena in Common.  The original temple is in Athens, you need to see the massive stones in person to really understand the scale, the marbles from the freeze are in the British Museum in London, I went there specifically to see them.  The thing that is missing, is the statue of Athena, the goddess.  The only full scale replica I know of is in Nashville.  The reproduction temple in Nashville is to scale, made out of concrete.  A material the Romans worked with, but it really does not have the same look and feel as stone.  The statue of Athena, makes the trip worthwhile.  

Have you traveled to three places to see all of the parts of one thing? 


  1. Why no, I can't say I have.

  2. I’ve never done that. Fun idea.

  3. Nope. You really are an adventuresome little guy, aren't you? Not that you look little, I used the term because I associate it with cuddly, and you do look very cuddly. Howzat for spin :)