Thursday, April 04, 2019

Song and Dance

Over the years I have met, Donald, Goofy, and a Prince or two.  A couple of high school classmates worked as dancers at Disney, there were a couple more in the Orlando Frontrunners Group.  I never kept track of any of them, I wonder what they are doing 40 years later?  I doubt that they are still dancing, but they might be. 

A few times I got a peak backstage at Disney.  I accompanied a choir as a photographer once. The rehearsal area was behind Pirates of the Caribbean,  John Williams was conducting.  I have been through the infamous tunnel that runs under Main Street from behind the castle to the train station.  It is lined with offices, storage and utilities.  Really nothing special, it was an efficient way to get from backstage to the bank that at one time was near the train station.  

Have you met Mickey Mouse? 


  1. Yes I did when I was 9yo at Disney world. It was so new there was no Space Mountain yet.

  2. no, even though I visited mouse town once in 1978.

  3. I’ve only met “Street Mickeys,” and they don’t count. Oh how I would love to go backstage!

  4. As a kid, no. I did meet a princess once. I think it was Cinderella. She's the blonde dressed in blue, right? Mickey I met ten years ago when he scared the crap out of my 2 year old granddaughter. Can't really blame him, though. That child used to cry whenever she ran across stuffed animals let alone giant rodents. Weird.

    1. A bleach-blond in blue = Cinderella.

  5. Yes, but my dream is to meet my life-long role model: Daffy Duck.