Saturday, April 20, 2019

How Will We Be Remembered?

I read an online obituary for one of my high school math teachers, really he was a track and cross country coach that had a degree in math,  my first thought was, “ he couldn’t teach math to save his soul.  Hmm, not the appropriate time to say that is it? 


  1. most of my high school nuns are dead and rotting. and since they were all bullies, I CHEER THEIR STINKING CORPSES! no, high school was not a fun time for me.

  2. Better than singing the praises of someone who's died when you couldn't stand them in life.

  3. No that would be tactless to say out loud what most are probably thinking too.
    One of life's hardships is the recognition of the axiom the majority of us won't be remembered.