Friday, April 26, 2019

New Orleans Rebirth

I couldn't find the video on You Tube of these windows in the Hyatt Regency New Orleans during hurricane Katrina.  Looking at the windows I vividly remember the wall of glass flexing in and out in the wind, until it gave way and blew apart.  The wind coming through the atrium, blew the windows out of rooms that had doors open.  The hotel was abandoned for three years, then spent 5 years and $275,000,000 being rebuilt.  It is spectacular, a gem of modern architecture updated.  The structure on the windows was reengineered, they won't blow out again.  

There are a few scars left in New Orleans, a handful of buildings still being worked on.  Some buildings have mostly parking on the ground floor, with the offices and apartments above, just in case the water rises.  Flying in and out, you can see neighborhoods that have a lot of vacant lots, the homes that remain are loved and lived in again.  

All in all, the city is looking very good.  


  1. good to hear that about NOLA.

  2. That was such a devastating storm. Glad things are looking up.

  3. Happy that things are back to normal!