Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Return of the Stationwagon?

I am the youngest of four kids, my parents often debated buying a station wagon (estate car for those in my ancestral homelands.) For one reason or another they didn't buy one.  With the rise of SUVs station wagons disappeared from US manufacturers line-ups.  

This a 2019 Buick.  Actually it is an Opel, GM owns Opel, and they are manufacturing some of their domestic offerings in Europe.  Will it sell?  It should.  

I have owned several hatchbacks, including one now.  I had one proper wagon, a Mazda GLC.  A wagon is longer and roomier than the five door hatch.  It is the only car I regret having parted with.  My parents did own one station wagon, a VW diesel, that they bought after all of the kids left home as a tow-car when they had a motorhome.  

Will it sell?     

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