Friday, April 19, 2019


It has been a couple of grinding weeks, an insane workload, working with others - who don't always plan and organize the way I do - and with others who overthink every detail.  I have done a lot of good work, with a bunch of amazing people, but it has taken a toll.  

A week ago I completed assembling the agenda for a national conference I produce, in a staff meeting our new staff writer asked me what exciting things were on the agenda, and out my mouth tumbled, "after six years of producing this thing, it is all boring" she probed with, "well are there any famous speakers on the agenda?" to which I responded "a few of them are legends in their own mind!" The next day the boss send me links to dealing with burnout in the profession.  

That was a little over a week ago, then I went to New Orleans to do 6 conference workshop presentations and broadcast a live national webinar, in three days.  

Kind of quiet blog posts this week, nice pictures but not a lot of words. 

Today I am back in the office cleaning up from being out for most of the week.  

I think my calendar eases up in November.  

Is it time for my cookie now? 


  1. A cookie and a nice long bubblebath would both be soothing!

  2. a cookie, a drive with the top down, a hug from sweet bear, a snort of good bourbon (no rubbish) should fix you up.

  3. Take the whole jar!

  4. Jerry's baking brownies... just because you've earned it.

  5. What sort of cookie?