Monday, April 08, 2019

I Can Be Like That Sometimes

A high school classmate shared something on Facebook recently, that I found offensive, and I reported it - resulting in the content being removed from Facebook as hate speech.  I can be like that sometimes.  I have been disrespected in my life, I take it personally at times.  

The offensive posting made demeaning comments about a hijab.  I won't repeat what it said, it questioned the content of the brains of a person who would wear the garment.   The person who shared this is a loudly self confessed born again christian, I doubt very much that he would think or say the same thing if he encountered a Nun wearing a traditional wimple (there were three Nuns on the Metro the other morning in full traditional habit.) I don't think he would say or think the same thing if he encountered an Amish or Mennonite woman with her hair covered.  It was hate speech from a narrow mind.  

Covering hair is a sign of modesty and religious obedience for women in several religious traditions. Respect for any religion, should include respect for other religious beliefs. Covering the hair harms no one.  If it makes the person feel good, what business is it of mine? Expressing disrespect for one religion, is disrespecting all. It is hate speech, based on difference.  

Are you like me sometimes?  


  1. THANK YOU! yes I have reported people on blogsites for hate speech, and I'll do it again.

  2. Yes I am. And hallelujah that Facebook listened. I complained about similar things a couple of years ago to no avail. Good for you!

  3. I haven't reported it because it didn't occur to me. Thanks for the heads up now I WILL.