Monday, April 01, 2019

Running Away

I bet most of us have dreamed about it, winning the lottery and leaving it all behind.  Will I stay in hotels the rest of my life?  imagine the joy of waking up to this view every morning.  

I need to be careful, people will want to take advantage of me.  If I make everyone else's dreams come true, I won't be able to make mine come through.  They tell us most lottery winners end up broke, and I have never been like most, and now is not a good time to start.  

I don't want a big house.  Cleaning house and dealing with repairs is not my thing, and I don't want employees.  If I had wanted to be an employer I'd have owned a business and been in this position earlier in life.  I have joked that the first move would be a red Ferrari California, but I am just as happy driving my less pretentious VW convertible.  I think I will just travel.  

I need a home base, and the condo will serve just fine. It is big enough, and easy to take care of.  With all of the repairs and security covered in my monthly fee, it is a perfect place to hide out, a permanent mailing address.  

I know I am one lucky person.  I have done work I enjoyed.  As long as we are reasonable, we are financially stable.  We have no debt.  Barring a disaster, we have income for life (and probably beyond.) We are in reasonable health.  We are semi free to do whatever we want to do.  Did I win the lottery? Yes, the lottery of life, being born in the right place at the right time, working hard, making the most of what we have to work with, we are very very lucky on this April 1st.    

Are you a lottery winner on April Fools Day? 


  1. yes; I basically have the same things you do in the last paragraph. and june 21 marks 30 years since I beat cancer.

  2. Yes, I view myself as a lottery winner too. We must be grateful for our good fortune!

  3. Yes, I believe I am. Recently retired from a job I was beginning to hate due to all the changes and not caring about the people that are who made it profitable. Owning my home and no debt. Saved as much as I could to live a comfortable life. Hope it was enough. I live frugally, but hope to enjoy a few trips in the next few years. I am happy and content. A feeling I have not had in many years. Hard being alone in this world and life but I am trying to make it a happy life.

  4. I am a content person, manic depressive, but content. I was content when first married, and had to eat beans every other day because we couldn't afford meat. I'd be content with millions and I'd share the wealth. I mean, how many houses and cars do I really need? I don't do the lottery stuff. I don't understand the workings of it and rat holes are no place for money!

  5. Not a good day for you answer this question. However, on a good day, I would probably agree with your last paragraph.