Monday, April 29, 2019

Strange, Frustrating, and Unusual

While I was out of the office, a minor crisis came up.  When I returned to the office and looked at it, I drafted an email with what I think is a simple and elegant solution.  Someone responded to the email saying he would get to this soon, I emailed asking if he was in the office could he call me.  He called, I asked if my suggestion would work and he said, "oh I haven't read your email."  WHY RESPOND TO AN EMAIL, YOU HAVEN'T READ?  

Before I left for New Orleans I booked a round trip airport ride with Super Shuttle, the big blue van people.  It is easy, my office likes it when I book and prepay online so there is a nice clear receipt.  I arrived, and there is no blue van.  The nice lady at the ground transportation desk called them, and there was additional confusion.  About that time, a limo driver, you know the nice older man in a black suit, starched shirt and tie walks up with a sign with my name on it.  He is my ride.  Super Shuttle contracts with a limo company in New Orleans to provide van service.  I was the only person arriving at that time, the driver with a new Lincoln Continental was at the airport and his next pick up was near the hotel I was staying at downtown, so they had him drive me into town.  For the $25 shared van price, I got the $125 private luxury car ride.  

When it was time for my return to the airport, not so good.  I got a text message with a link to a GPS tracker for the van that was to pick me up.  He was on the way to the airport.  Another van from the same service came to the hotel, but I was not on the drivers list, she called and was told "his ride will be there in just a minute."  15 minutes later I called dispatch, and was told, "he is still at the airport, he will be there later."  The dispatcher asked what time my flight is, and I tell her "that is immaterial, I scheduled a pick up for between 2:30 and 2:45 and you are now telling me the pick up won't be before 3:15, 45 minutes late."  After a long pause, she said I guess I can refund the pre-pay and you can take a taxi.  I did, the taxi driver was terrifying, he drove 80 miles per hour.  The car vibrated like either a tire was getting ready to blow or a wheel was getting ready to fall off.  I buckled my seatbelt.  

Is it just me, or is the world a little weird right now? 


  1. nope, it's weird, and there is NO customer service any more. except where I work.

  2. Weird. Very definitely weird.

  3. Sounds like Super Shuttle is not so super.

  4. Oh, I can think of stronger words than "weird" but, being a lady *cough*, I won't write them down :)