Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Yes, it really looks like that

My experience with the ocean coastline is mostly in Florida and the southeast USA, places where the land gently slopes down to the surf.  The highest point in Florida is only 345 feet above sea level and that is a hill miles from the ocean.  Last month I spent a couple of days driving the California coast, south from San Francisco to Pebble Beach.  Here the hills come right down to the ocean, the cliffs above are taller than the highest point in Florida.  

It is spectacular, yes, it really looks like that. 

Have you seen cliffs along the ocean? 


  1. yep, have driven from seattle down to big sur. NOTHING like that coastline! and the pacific is so blue compared to the atlantic. the pacific coast highway is NOT for the faint-of-heart though.

  2. The California coast is one of my favorite spots. When i lived out there i would head over to the north coast, above San Francisco, as often as possible.
    Just gorgeous!

  3. I lived in Monterey for two years back in the late '80s. We'd drive to Pebble Beach, Big Sur, etc., but I love the coast of Maine more. We vacationed for a couple of weeks in Maine every summer. Since it is difficult for me to walk, we would spend part of each day driving the ins and outs of coastal towns. Lots of rocky coast line. I wish I could live in Maine full time. It's been almost ten years since we've been back.

  4. My only cliffs into ocean location I've been is the homes in Newport.

  5. Oh yeah and always spectacular. Lived in San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Francisco. Now on the Costa del Sol. And Maine has some dramatic rocky shores all its own.