Friday, April 06, 2018


I had breakfast with Fearsome Beard and his hubby one morning this week.  He is just as wonderful and genuine as you would expect from reading his blog.  (Sorry no one remembered to take a picture, it was early and the coffee had not kicked in yet.) I rambled on too much, that happens when Jay is at the other house for a few months.  (We are working on that, soon.) 

I started blogging as a guest blogger for a friend who was on vacation - hence I knew a blogger before I became one.  I remember the first time I told a co-worker I was meeting a blogger I had met online for dinner, she told me I was making bad choices, and she was sure I would be the next victim of an axe murderer.  I have now met a couple of dozen bloggers in person, and not a one of them has swung an axe at me - yet. All of them are well over 4-feet tall, all have been nice, several - including members of my commenting fan club -  have become close friends.  I only wish we were not separated by such great distances.  I'd have great fun telling my life story to a certain shrink out there.  

If you are in the DC area, and want to meet for breakfast, let me know.  

How many bloggers have you met in person? 


  1. over 25 bloggers. unfortunately I had to drop some of them (too toxic). many many more I wanna meet. many of those 25 have become good friends; a real treasure!

    YOU met fearsome's sexy husband? jealous x infinity! I have not yet had that honor. a pity you could not also meet up with RJ whilst you were there (

    I h8 the distance between my blogger friends and I. the friend closest to me (in terms of distance) is mistress maddie (

    without a blog, I never would have met such a diverse cross section of the human race!

  2. How great! I've met a few. It can be a real pleasure.

  3. Anonymous4/06/2018

    Look forward to meeting you some day. I’ll be sure to bring my hatchet along.

  4. I have never been to Spain, I need to go back to London, if I don't got to Philly AM is going to hunt me down. I am got to meet the Mistress.

  5. I already feel like a stalker just commenting! I don't do too well with people in the flesh. I clam up like a, well, clam.
    I do hope JP isn't four feet tall with that hatchet and all!

  6. Well I agree! I have yet meet one person who has been unlike their blog personality. I have a friend in DuPont Circle. When I get down there sometime I will have to let you know. I can be quite a handful at times Penguin!!!!!!

    1. As long as it does not require bail money

    2. @maddie - "I can be quite a handful at times"

      OH HELL YEAH! you are incorrigible! :)

  7. I love meeting bloggers! I glad you two met for you two are some of my favorites.