Saturday, April 21, 2018

When My Ship Comes In

When my ship comes in I would like to travel a bit more.  I want to rent an apartment for a month and live like a local in Italy, and France.  I want to go meet face-to-face a few bloggers (- trust me I am not a stalker.) I would love to go back to Germany and enjoy the factory delivery experience again (though with the few miles I drive my car will easily last another 20 years - by then I will be so old.) I want to watch the sun set in Key West, and rise of Athens.  I need to go back to Hawaii, now that I can walk with greater ease, and see more of the wonders.  There are a handful of charities that inspire me, I support them now, when my ship comes in I'd be even more generous.  

In many ways my ship has come in.  
I am in reasonably good health.  I don't worry about keeping a roof over my head, good food on the table, I have access to clean water, I have enough clothes to last a lifetime.  I am loved. I have friends.  I am able to make a difference in the lives of others.  

I stay in my comfort zone, seldom glimpsing the places in the world where many people lack the basics that I already have.  Why should I worry about my ship coming in, it already has.  

Has your ship come in?    


  1. I'm not one for "ships coming in" or "bucket lists" or "before I die."

  2. Anonymous4/21/2018

    I’m not sure I’ve “arrived” but let’s say I’m on my way.

  3. mine came in when I got a second chance at life after cancer (1989). go kick some ass today! even if you are just doing house chores!

  4. More or less.

    I'm going to defer SS until I'm 66, so things might be a bit tight for a while.

    But I figure I can explore the southeast US while I wait.



  5. I'd say I had many ships come in. I'm feel pretty lucky most days.

    1. whenever the navy is in port, maddie will be found down at the dock!

  6. I haven't really stop to define my ship. I wonder if it came and went and wasn't watching.