Saturday, April 14, 2018


There is a craft market across from the Ferry Terminal in San Francisco. At first I thought it was a weekend event, but it seemed to be there all week.  I bought a ring made from a quarter from the year I was born, and the artist sized it while I watched.  Down the way was a display of hand made knit-wear.  Made by local knitters.  So bright and colorful and do local.  Pigs and Pink Pussy Hats, reflecting the local politics and arts of the place. 

This year's mid term elections are critically important. Every House seat and 1/3 of the Senate will be up for election.  We can change the course of the country, if we vote for candidates who are willing to stand up to the idiot in chief, to say no to the NRA, to stop the insanity of cutting taxes and going on a spending spree, to starting trade wars where everyone looses.  Vote, talk to like minded people, get them to support candidates and vote.  We can turn this thing around.  

Am I being too political? 


  1. nope, these days VOTE BLUE is on the minds of intelligent people.

    those hats above are crocheted; this knitter can tell by the stitch pattern. they ARE well made!

    1. You'll next be seen with Penguin selling your lovely wears!

  2. Definitely not. From your mouth to goddess’s ears!

  3. Not too political at all.
    I'll be Voting Blue in November.

  4. As soon as I saw those knitted animals I thought of Anna Marie's work!

  5. still way too many people vote idealogy over their own self-interest.



  6. keep being political