Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A Very Good Day

I was in Lexington Kentucky recently.  We have owned a house there since 1995 when Jay started teaching at the University.  He is retiring from teaching the end of the year, so we are getting the house ready to sell.  Part of that is paring down the accumulation of stuff.  When we moved there from Florida, we moved almost everything the two of us owned. Hence the house is our lifetime accumulation of stuff.  The condo near DC, is 1/3rd smaller than the house, and it has a lot of stuff already in it.  So we need to get rid of a lot.  

We have discussed several options and Jay decided to hold an open give away for friends.  We have sorted, and identified what we plan to move.  The rest of it will need to go.  We invited friends to go through and take anything they wanted.  I was extremely pleased, a car full of books found new homes (books can be hard to give away.)  Most of the collectable glass that we don't want to move, found new a loving homes.  Nearly all of the silver-plate that I never intend to clean / use again found new homes.  Some of the art work, even my Cher - "excuses won't lift up your ass," framed poster found new homes.  

We have collected, curated this collection over three decades.  It was a joy, to see it bring joy to others.   The money is not important, seeing things go to good homes, and bring joy to others is the payback.  

When we have moved what we want, we will turn what is left over to and estate liquidator.  From that we will get a small check, but not the joy of watching the collection bring happiness to others.  

It was a long and busy day.  I spent 5 plus hours on my feet, running up and down the stairs more times than I can count. In the end it was a very good day - capped off by a nice dinner.  


  1. look at that handsome penguin!

    and to think that 3 years ago you could not stand on your own 2 feet!

    "The money is not important, seeing things go to good homes, and bring joy to others is the payback." - yasssssssssssss!

  2. Congratulations! And what a great way to part with your "stuff." Handsome photo. More Emperor Penguin than Travel Penguin.

  3. It was just a great experience, and some of the stuff is still going. Love it when people come back for seconds. It felt so good to know that some of the more precious stuff was going to continue to be treasured and, most likely, eventually passed on to others who will do the same.

  4. very good day indeed