Monday, April 16, 2018

Public Art

This was in a plaza outside the Court House in Oakland, CA.  A nice touch of color in what might otherwise be a lot or brick and stone.  We need art in public places. Art distracts our minds from the everyday routine.  Art inspires us.  Art need not be stiff or formal or stuffy.  It is meant to be enjoyed.  If it brings joy to life, it is art.  I need more red in my life. 

What brought Joy to your life today? 


  1. Great post, and lent some insight into a post I had today. Your right about art...we need it more surrounding us.

    My joy today was a glorious nap listening to the high winds and rain. Best nap in ages.

  2. Watching our morning coffee waiter move to “Everybody Dance Now.” I agree with you about public art.

  3. MM, good napping weather, MM2 - video of the waiter