Thursday, April 05, 2018

Finding What We Are Looking For

I just finished reading a book by a man who spent 7 weeks in Italy, in search of the good life.  What struck me was that he found what he was looking for, and rejected everything that didn't match what he was looking for.  It was obvious in the text that this was what was happening.  

It makes me wonder, when I travel do I filter in what I want to see and hear, and filter out everything that does not fit my preconceived vision? Is that why I see the pretty of Rome and Paris - while others find them rude and impersonal, and I have a non-reaction to Amsterdam.  I don't know why I went there, I had no idea what to expect, I went the first time because it was part of a package deal with KLM, and the second time was to see if I had a wrong impression from the first time.  Maybe I didn't like it, because I had no idea what to like.  


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  1. Interesting. I never know what it is I’m looking, which maybe helps. I’m surprised you didn’t fall in love with Amsterdam. From what you write it’s a place I would expect you to love. I have a friend who says places either sing to you or they don’t. That’s normally been one of our requirements before a move.