Sunday, January 01, 2017

New Years Goals

 Happy New Years! 

A year go I posted the following for my goals for 2016. How did I do? 
  • I need to rebuild my strength and stamina.  I will keep walking and riding the bike, and I will get back in the gym this year. 
    • I did okay on this, I am stronger, still not ready to climb a mountain, or ride a bike across the country, but much stronger than I was.  
  • Eat more carefully - allow an indulgence - but balance it with care  
    • I did good on this one.  Quality over quantity.  
  • Continue to write in an array of ways.  A page a day in the office would finish a book in a couple of years.  
    • Not so good, rather than make excuses, I'll simply say, I dropped the ball on this.  I could have done better. 
  • Blog everyday 
    • Mission accomplished. 
  • Balance work and personal time 
    • I did really good.  I have recently started limiting checking office email when I am not working.  A day off, needs to be a day off.  I don't sleep in my office, I try not to work in my bedroom. 
  • Add a personal day to work trips whenever possible 
    • Fail.  I had planned this for California last January and a snow storm delayed my outbound flight, I didn't do this on the rest of the year.  I need to work on this.  
  • Seek out variety in everyday life - the routine things in life need not be boring 
    • This is a work in progress,  I am a creature of habit and variety requires variation from habit.  I did a hybrid rail and bike commute for a week when Metro was doing track work, Why didn't I do that after that?  
  • See some of my virtual friends in the flesh 
    • Fail.  Sorry Anne Marie, John Gray and Dr. Spo - can we make it happen in 2017? 

            Goals for 2017
  •  *  Give myself six hours per week, to go to the gym, walk on the treadmill, the elliptical, swim, ride a bike, take a hike, or take an unnecessary walk. 
  • *  Continue to seek organization in my life, the other closet and the bookcase in my bedroom need to be sorted through this year.  I will feel better for having done that. 
  • *  Set aside $20 a week out of my "spending money" to buy myself indulgences.  
  • *  Deliver a surprise, a random act of kindness to someone, at least once per month. 
  • *  To be humble and give others credit. 
  • *  To think seriously about what I want to do with the last quarter of my career. It is not so much about legacy, as it is about doing work that I find rewarding in the here and now.
  • *  Add a personal day, into at least one of the three work trips I have planned for this year.
  • *  Blog every day.
  • *  Check at least one item off of the list of things I'd like to do before I die. 
  • *  Have more music in my life.  

  • So, what are your goals, or New Year's resolutions?     


  1. Hi David, I like your list. They are some of the same goals that I have as well. I didn't think I would blog everyday was hoping to do at blog post least once a week. With me being lazy it didn't quite happen. I endeavor to blog and comment on others blogs more. For me 2016 wasn't that bad, but still hoping 2017 is better. A happy 2017 to you and Jay.

  2. "Sorry Anne Marie...can we make it happen in 2017?" HELL YEAH! pick a time, get on a train, and GET HERE! spouse and I can show you around our hometown!

  3. I commend you on your goals, past and present.
    I am still working on my goals, and projects, and bucket list. Long lists, all.
    I think I am not brave enough to post them.