Monday, January 09, 2017

Health Update Good News and Sad News

First the good news, my spine and all of the related hardware is right where we left it the last time, and nothing appears to be growing where it shouldn't be. The strength and control in my legs was normal, my reflexes are weird - probably always will be. My next follow up is set for 12 months (up from 6 months.) For anyone wondering what this is about, look back at May-July of 2015 for my adventures with a spinal tumor. 

The sad news, my neurosurgeon is leaving.  I like him, I like his attitude, his personal style, and I believe my ability to roll out of bed, wiggle my toes, feel my toes and walk - is largely a result of his talent and dedication to details.  He is a young Doctor, I would say probably mid 40's.  He is not happy with the direction "corporate medicine" is headed. Between the insurance companies and trying to make his corporate employer happy it is not worth it for him. He works crazy hours. He is going to do research and teaching, maybe cover emergency rooms one weekend a month.  His talents are a real loss to the community.  


  1. David
    I'm happy for your good news but I do empathize with you on your sad news. My orthopedic surgeon also retired early. He didn't tell me why but he was very good for me. He practically save my life for which I will be forever grateful to him. It's a shame the state of our health care system, in which the threat of lawsuits and high insurance premiums and hospital costs are spiraling out of control.

  2. Good news is really good news. I'm happy for you.

    Sad news is really sad. I was the office manager for a General Practioner who closed shop because she refused to play the corporate game and also refused to post on a computer all of her patients most private information. Very sad what focus on the bottom line has done to medicine in corporate America.

  3. Replies
    1. Kinda, married with kids. The thing I liked was he took the time to explain things, to let me ask questions, and he keeps telling me that being healthy is more important than being thin.

  4. YAYZ for the good news! :)

    the bad news will continue to happen for the next 4 years; this is just the beginning. :(

  5. Great news about your condition. Sorry about your surgeon but so glad he was there when you really needed him!

  6. That is bad news; I would be devastated if my doc departed.
    On the other hand you are doing well; you can get a new doctor.