Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Old Queen Street

So is there is a New Queen Street, or was this street named after the old Queen - long may she live. 

My Grandmother was proud to have become an American, and had very little memory of England - but she always had a quiet respect for the British Monarchy. I wonder what she would think of the current state of American Politics - I don't think she would be proud of it.

I am way past due for a visit to London.  It has been 5 or 6 years.  So long in fact that the pound coins that I have will be demonetized this year. London is wonderful and crazy.  It is huge, while being compact, it is diverse, while being British, it is a maze, with an amazing public transit system.  I remember the last visit there, it felt like a second home.  Perhaps I was meant to live on Old Queen Street.  

Where were you meant to live? 


  1. wonder how many old queens live on old queen street?

    if you go, you can meet JP of https://itsmyhusbandandme.wordpress.com. and you can eat at the spanish onion cafe guido owns.

    I was meant to live right here in philly.

  2. I was definitely meant to live here in San Diego and on the monopoly board to boot (my street just happens to be named one of those streets). It is home. It is near the sea.

  3. At Versailles, during the reign of Louis XIV... as Louis XIV.

  4. I have been to London once, but was very young and don't remember much of it. I'm am happy with where I am, but Rehoboth Beach will be where I end up when I retire.....which I will have a nice wait yet. I could never live where there is too much rain though.....I'd go nuts.