Monday, January 02, 2017

Leap and the Net Will Appear

I have read a couple of places recently about the walls that contain our creativity, are the walls we build around ourselves.  Over the decades I have set limitations, or let my fears of the unknown, or of change, of venturing outside of my comfort zone, hold me hostage.  We all do it.  And there have been times when I have taken the leap, going outside my comfort zone and I am glad to report that it has pretty much always turned out just fine.  

I recently offered a friend the suggestion that if he is seeking adventure in his life, he should do the thing that scares the shit out of him or the thing that brings a tear to his eye, or makes his voice crack when he talks about it.  We need to do the things that take us outside of our comfort zones.  

Sometimes these a big bold moves, sometimes they are little things, close to home, but outside our usual routine.  I still get goose bumps when I think about riding on a Zeppelin, but I also get the same feeling when I think about the first time I went to the Union Market in NE DC.  It is in an area of town, I had never been to, it was venturing into a different world, and yet it was close to home and easy to get to.  Going to law school was a big leap, even a bigger leap was taking the job in DC 8 years ago.  

There are a few leaps yet to come.  I want to ride in a hot air balloon.  I want to drive an Indy Car.  I have two states left to set foot in so I will have been to all of them (plus DC and Puerto Rice.) I want to live in another country for 2 or 3 months, long enough to immerse myself in the culture.  I want to see a volcano.  There are other simpler ones close to home.  A couple of rails to trails ride near home I want to experience.  There is a new MGM Casino just across the rive from home that I want to see.  I want to snag an invitation to the White House.  I want to join the Bar of the Supreme Court ($200 and a little paperwork.)  

The bridges above.  The modern bridge is one of the few "S" shaped bridges in the world.  The steel railroad bridge, is no longer used by trains.  It is owned by a bungee jumping company.  Talking about taking a leap.  

What do you want to do that is outside your comfort zone?  


  1. Lovely post. Mine is self employment so that I can be much more flexible in how and when I work.

  2. On my office desk is a quotation from Emerson: always do the thing you are afraid of.
    It reminds me whenever I have the reflexive 'oh I don't know about that" I should pause and consider doing it anyway, despite the fears.